Have you ever been in the need for free music, photos, videos, assets or other resources? Through this site, I aim to give you collections of the absolute best free resource sites.

5 reasons why you should definitely bookmark this site!

1. Free stuff

2. I’ll update this site with new assets and other resources every week

3. This site will not just be an index of free sites, but also a knowledge base on I.E. what to watch out for when using free stuff or what best free alternative there is to an otherwise expensive product or service.

4. I’ll be working on making this a resource/stock site as well. So you’ll actually be able to download free music, photos, videos, mockups and much more directly from this site. And furthermore, I’ll make it so it’s clear that everthing taken from this site directly, will be free to use personally and commercially forever.

5. I really am passionate about this. This is a solution for one of my own pains as well; to find a site where everything is actually guaranteed free with no royalties or hidden copyrights. The road is long and it would help me greatly if you came back for updates and/or gave me feedback.